Health & Safety Statement

As part of our commitment to achieving and maintaining the highest standards of Health & Safety (H&S) in line with the objectives outlined in ISO 45001, we, the management of 4WD Gurus, hereby declare the following:

Commitment to Health and Safety Policy

The management, its employees, and volunteers are dedicated to ensuring a safe and healthy workplace, as well as safeguarding the safety and health of our activity participants, visitors, bystanders, and the environment. In this endeavour, we take into account the unique context of our operations and the specific challenges in the realm of HSE.

HSE Objectives

We have established a structured method for creating realistic, measurable health and safety objectives integrated into our business processes for ongoing improvement. These objectives are regularly updated following reviews, audits, and feedback, reflecting our strong dedication to enhancing safety and health both in the workplace and during our events.

Compliance with Legal Requirements

The management, employees, and volunteers commit to proactively complying with national and regional legislation, taking into account all safety and environmental laws. Furthermore, management will ensure compliance with all legal requirements regarding permits and insurance.

Eliminating Hazards &  Reducing HSE Risks

We systematically reduce hazards and health and safety risks in accordance with ISO 45001, section 8.1.2. By methodically identifying, assessing, and implementing effective management strategies, we involve the management, our employees, volunteers, and event participants in creating a safer environment for everyone.

Continuous Improvement

We are committed to continuously improving our HSE management system using the PDCA cycle and lessons learned from our experiences. By collecting feedback from participants and business partners, we gain insights into opportunities for improvement.

Consultation and Participation of Employees and Volunteers

We involve our employees and volunteers in our HSE management system, emphasizing open communication and collaboration. Their insights and feedback are integral to our decision-making and improvements in health and safety.

HSE Training and Awareness

As part of our commitment to continuously improve our health and safety performance, we recognize the importance of increasing knowledge levels through education and training. The management of 4WD Gurus is determined to invest in the development of our employees and volunteers, as we believe that a well-trained and informed team is key to creating a safer and healthier environment.

Russ Dykes (MD) 24-03-2024